the boat

A boat.
Stranded in the middle of a huge and vast ocean. Struck by the mighty waves and drifted by the soaring wind. Came along the roaring thunderstorm coupled with the pouring rain, swept away all that stands.

If it is strong.
The boat would calmly follow the rough tides, patiently piercing the bolt, and slowly riding the vastly current. In the end, it will, slowly but surely drifted to a destination where the boat itself don't have a clue.

If it is weak.
The boat will lost its way, bit by bit damaged by the current, ripped apart from its original state, and might as well sunk to the depth of the ocean. Of course, arriving to a destination would be impossible.

The boat? It's the Life. You don't and won't know what will happen to you next. So, live your life and as the boat itself to survive, be strong.

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